Monday, May 22, 2006

In the Beginning...

So here goes nothing. I finally did it. My own blog. As chatty and opinionated as I am, it's kind of weird to think that this will all be so easily broadcast to everyone I know (and even some whom I don't know). I don't have babies to write about or baby pictures to post, but I am, at least, the only single gal left from our high school group and living 400 miles or so away from home. That has to be mildly interesting, right? Ok, well.... we'll just say it is.

So I saw the DaVinci Code on Sunday. I read the book a good 3 years ago (I read the whole thing in 24 hours), and listened to the audio book all last week as a 'refresher.' Overall, I'd say it was as good as it could be. Having just listened to the book again, I certainly noticed every tiny discrepancy between the movie and the book. I got a little irritated with the cute jokes and one liners that had obviously been added to keep the story "light," and a number of events and revelations happened out of order from the book, which irked me.

The movie was good, and I enjoyed it, but it was more of a crime story with religious twist than a religious story with a splash of crime. Fiction or nonfiction, I guess what I liked best about the book was lost in the movie. When I read the book, I enjoyed the ten page explanations regarding symbolism or the history of the Knights Templar. The book was so rich with information, everything from the origin of the cornucopia to learning that Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute after all... shocking! (It's true... read here:

Anyway, it's those tidbits of detail (whether ultimately fictional or not) that make the original story so exhilarating to me. I don't question my belief in God when I see a movie or read a book like DaVinci Code, but I admit that I start to examine the (sometimes weak) foundations on which I have built some of that faith. Religion is a history... faith is certainly related, but it's still independent of the history that brought us to today.

Next steps: I am now listening to Holy Blood, Holy Grail. It's a nonfiction book of French history, myths, legends and the authors' theories or hypothesis on how they are all related. I find myself rewinding a lot to listen to things again. It may take awhile to get through it (9 and a half hours!), but I'm sure I'll have plenty of random thoughts along the way.

So... how's that for my first blog entry? :)


Blogger Marie said...

WOW I am proud. A cool banner, a bunch of links, an avatar, site meter up and running, and a very cool post. Welcome to the addicting world of blogging. I'm glad you are here.

May 22, 2006 10:55 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Ok, I guess I'm just sooooo last century, because I am married to a computer guru and have absolutely no idea how to set up a blog. Good job, 'Rissa! I read "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" before "The DaVinci Code" and while it can be very dry and boring at times (as it is a work of non-fiction), it presents some very interesting points and things to ponder. Unfortunately, a lot of it has been de-bunked recently, but it still makes you think. Love you! Nicole

May 23, 2006 9:15 AM  
Anonymous BJ said...

Nicely done. Marie lives and dies with her blogging. I just post something funny once in awhile. But it's fun nonetheless. You may want to turn security on your "comments" otherwise people will start advertising on your blog. Annoying? Very.

Ask Will, and she can hook you up.

May 23, 2006 10:07 AM  
Blogger Cassie Jebber said...

Bravo! I am proud of you. Marie, is much more savy than I with this whole blogging thing. Patrick sets all of my stuff up and I get annoyed by that! Miss you

May 23, 2006 10:43 AM  
Blogger Charissa said...

Hey Nic, where did you read the debunked stuff? A book? Articles? Tell me more!

May 23, 2006 12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

greetings from Texas!!! Hope all is well with you. I have to tell you I am completely blog un-savy! I didn't know what a "blog" was until just a couple months ago...and to set one up, well talk to me at the 25-year reunion! When you get time email!! Love to hear from you! Cybil

May 23, 2006 1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rissa,

Cool blog, your dad is proud that he taught you your first computer skills.
I am busy doing my akron history stuff. Right now, I am in the early 1900's looking for more pictures of homes then. I have a small collection of pictures of homes of the wealthy mostly Rubber companies executives homes.
Akron, as you know, was in the late 1800's the fasts growing city in the nation. It was all them there rubber companies and then WWI. People came into Akron so fast that there was no place to sleep. Men "rented" sleeping space for 8 hours. When they got up, someone else got in. It was that way until homes could be built.
People came in from everywhere, then there was a job for everyone.
Goodyear, Firestone, Goodrich, Seiberling, General and Diamond were only a few of the Rubber factories.
Anyway, so many of the great homes have been lost. Torn down for progress. Now, we don't have jobs so .... ah... so much for progress.
I am also working on a neighborhood reunion of the "kids" I grew up with on Dodge Ave. in West Hill. It would be like a class reunion but half of the "kids" went to St. V's and half went to the public schools. We also are multi generational. Some of the "kids" are 10 or 12 years older than I am and some 10 or 12 years younger.

Ah the lure of history.

I will send you pictures.

Miss you and love you,


May 24, 2006 10:39 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, Charissa! :-)

May 25, 2006 4:35 PM  
Anonymous *D* said...

Great job! I have bookmarked you so watch out what you say! *snicker*

May 25, 2006 8:29 PM  

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