Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another Lippman Book Review

I just finished Laura Lippman's Every Secret Thing this morning. I intended to finish it on vacation last weekend, but other than the flight, I had far less 'reading time' than I thought I would.

Well, this book was amazing. It was a terribly disturbing topic, but written with tons of professionalism. I guessed many times throughout the book whodunit or why, but the plot only unfolded details as needed, so there was no way to guess the outcome or get ahead of the story. As much as you want to hate the two main characters, you find yourself rooting for them... hoping beyond hope that they haven't done what seems so obvious to the other characters. As horrible as certain acts are within the book, somehow it still leaves you hoping for something better (although I wouldn't call it inspiring or anything).

Cheryl, I know you read a Laura Lippman book already... I think this one is better. Highly, highly recommended. Go buy it. Go check it out of the library.


Blogger cherylann said...

I've read Charm City and Butcher's Hill already, so when I hit up the library this Tuesday I will definitely pick this one up- I'm adding it to my list as we speak! Thanks C... Hope your peeling goes well... maybe you should take a nice oatmeal bath. Soothing!

May 05, 2007 2:09 PM  

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