Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday in Review

This morning I had a headache - I guess the fundraiser was a bit much for me - and although it lingered all day, I still managed to do quite a bit today. At noon or so, Antonio headed up to CJ & Nicole's for fun in the sun and dog time. At one point we had five dogs (Antonio, Lucy, Baxter, Rilee and Delilah) with us. It was lovely. Of course, I'm a bit sun burnt, but we all make sacrifices, right?

Later in the afternoon I went home for a nap before heading out for Liana's birthday party. Nicole and I couldn't stay long because we have March for the Animals tomorrow (and some unexpected dog drama), but it was great seeing everyone and spending part of Liana's day with her. I'm exhausted... so I'm off to bed. But here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

Lucy and Delilah bein' good for treats...

Antonio staying out of the sun. So cute. :)

Antonio in pursuit of playing, running dogs. Look at him go!

A cool break in the pool for Delilah, Baxter and Rilee.

And what more appropriate way to end my post that a shout out to the birthday girl! Work it, Liana!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might be bias but those are some darn cute dogs!

April 20, 2009 11:20 PM  

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