Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 32 Project, Revisited

So I'm officially 32, but my 32 Project has not been completed. No harm... it's a work in progress.

1. Finish watching the Top 100 movies. 65 down, 35 to go.
2. Charity: April 17th Formal Wear Happy Hour
DONE! 45 dresses collected!
3. Charity: April 19th March for the Animals
DONE! $343k raised!
4. Learn how to drive stick shift.
5. Lose the weight.
Five or six pounds down.
6. Volunteering: Habitat for Humanity.
Reconsidering. This one has been tough to fit in.
7. Charity: Tree Planting/Trash Pick Up.
DONE! Planted 8 trees!
8. Volunteering: Pets on Wheels w/ Antonio?
Retracting... replacing with Grow out hair to donate to Locks of Love.
9. Visit NYC/Have Jodi visit.
This has been upgraded to singing with Jodi at her cabaret in NYC! 8/22! Woot!
10. Meet Joey Mac.
June 23rd DONE! Saw NKOTB for the 3rd time with Cassie in June. Unfortunately... no meeting, but I'll live.
11. Try making crab bisque.
12. Organize an Ohio reunion.
DONE. It was smaller than planned butt 10-15 folks showed, and we had a great time!
13. Go somewhere other than OH and NYC.
14. Read at least four books. '
A World Without End' completed. Working on 'Beautiful Boy.'
15. Digi scrapbook something.
Buy fishnets (long story). Retracting...
17. Try Yoga with my BFF.
18. See Heart live in Bmore!
May 17th DONE! Great show!
19. Go through my storage unit and SIMPLIFY.
DONE! Made $70
20. Go to an amusement park.
DONE! Cedar Point was a blast!!
21. Find somewhere to take voice lessons.
DONE! I'm on month two!
Choose an Armed Forces charity. Retracting... this group no longer supports this fundraiser. Considering ePals Foundation: Students and pen pals read books chosen by the student, and correspond online about the important issues in the books. Fun!
23. Start hiking.
This one is on Katie.
24. Visit Marie (and get the Taylors to come here)!
25. See the Orioles!
DONE! And we won!
26. Eat in Greektown.
DONE! Samo's was delicious!
27. Pick crabs!
Six years in Bawlmer... DONE! Twice!
28. Make more blankets!
Of course, in progress! One DONE! Working on another!
29. Plan a Star Trek movie night!
30. See Kelly Clarkson.
Scheduled 9/9 in York, PA.
31. See Journey. Scheduled 9/11 at First Mariner Arena.
32. Plan another girl's night. This is long overdue.

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Blogger Casey said...

Let's do it. Just let me know what times are good for you.

July 27, 2009 10:27 AM  

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