Sunday, June 28, 2009


I haven't posted in over a week, but not for lack of events to discuss. Last week I had the most awesome trip home to Ohio - with a pseudo reunion, a day at Cedar Point, and a New Kids on the Block concert - not to mention all of the quality time with family. It was just under a week, and although I returned to the chaos and frustration of work and a few personal dramas, it was a needed break that I am grateful to have had.

A few thoughts about Cedar Point:
- I am getting older. Even the less thrilling roller coasters were exciting.
- I am more likely to notice potential safety concerns that ever before. I can't believe it's safe when the Mine Creek ride moves around the way it does.
- Water rides are overrated. So are wet shorts.
- Thrill rides have the potential to be more frightening that coasters. Skyhawke made me want to cry and run to mom.
- The red train on the Gemini CAN beat the blue train - even when the riders on the blue train are cocky, confident and loud.
- Chik-fil-a costs double.
- I'm glad the boat ride is still around. It was horribly cheesy, but a nice memory.
- Millennium Force still rocks my world. One of the best coasters ever built for sure.
- But Maverick was a pure joy. I wish I could have ridden it a few more times.It might now be my favorite coaster.

A few more thoughts on New Kids:
- I love sharing this with Cassie. No one understands my raw excitement more than she does.
- It's crazy that I still think they are hot as sin - whether they're nearing 40 years old or not.
- Joe's smile melts me like I'm a 12 year old.
- Danny is in amazing shape. He's insanely hot for once being the awkward New Kid.
- I can't promise that this most recent concert (third in a year) is my last. I have no plans for more right now, but it is way too much fun (especially with girlfriends) to ever consider stopping.

That all aside, life gets more complicated and interesting and frustrating every day. I'm 12 days from my 32nd birthday, accomplished in my career, my friends, and my activities, but always still missing the companion part of things. He's out there... and I may have to wait another year or so until I get him, but it's heartbreaking at times just the same. I've also been working out and seeing differences in my waistline and legs, but no weight changes yet which is irritating. And friends are also testing my inner strength lately. As a wise man once said, keep the tier one friends close, but sometimes you have to let the others fall away. I'm learning a lot about my ability to persevere this year... and I hope it all makes me stronger, happier and more satisfied in life. (As long as it doesn't kill me first, of course...)

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Blogger cherylann said...

C, my best friend just found the love of her life/ her soul mate (and YES, I believe that he is it for her) and she will be 33 in a few months. Just keep waiting and when it is time he will come. Keep the faith. *hugs*

June 28, 2009 2:02 PM  
Blogger Cassie said...

Raw excitement! I do love it Raw! I am just so glad that you have allowed me to show you this side of me! Thank you my love!

June 29, 2009 10:35 PM  

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