Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Very Own Happy Hour

Today I had my very own happy hour. That's right - a happy hour just for me. Unfortunately, I wish it was under happier circumstances, but you see, tomorrow is my last day with my company. I am excited and thrilled to take the next steps in my career, but it has been terribly difficult to leave some people who I have grown to care about.

I know that I'll have more thoughts on this subject this weekend as I let all of the emotions of the last few days digest, but for now here are some pictures from tonight.

Bruce and Charissa - Who will I talk about theatre with now?

Zenobia, Charissa and Stephanie

Jill and Charissa - BFF

Scott, Charissa and John - The "A" Team!

Ben from 'Apathy Eulogy', AKA 'the rockstar,' and his very excited fan!

Smiling Jill

John, Scott, Richie, Donny and a very horizontal Charissa

Sad Jill and teary Charissa - Oh how I will miss you....

Rob, Charissa and Jill - PCP!

Richie and Charissa by way of piggyback

Paula, Charissa and Kelly - So sorry that I'm leaving you, girls.

Boy do I heart these people.


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