Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Second Day

Okay, okay... this day was waaaaay better. Not that yesterday was bad, but it's always slightly overwhelming the first day. Today we got to look at some company statistics that are updated daily and available to all employees, so I was in Heaven. I love statistics. I asked a lot of questions and really got a grasp on what I was looking at and what else would be helpful to see.

In addition, I had about an hour or so to sit with the guy who's position I am taking (he is leaving the industry altogether), and that was invaluable. It wasn't structured training, or even in depth, but I asked a lot of questions and was satisfied and comfortable with his answers. It's still a lot to learn, but today it didn't feel so insurmountable.

A VIP told me that it typically takes people 4-5 months to be "comfortable," so at least now I have a goal to beat! I'm shooting for 2-3, so we'll see how I do, I guess.

CJ and I are grabbing a celebratory drink at Claddaugh tonight. NOOOO, we aren't staying until close... we just want to hang out and celebrate my first week and her second neck thingy (it's a pain management thing, don't ask). Besides, I have lunch with my boss tomorrow, so I have to be sharp.

Feel free to meet us out, or at least raise a glass in our honor! :)


Blogger Summer said...

I always feel you need a year in a position to really know it... you have to go through all the cylical projects and deadlines and moods of your coworkers. Of course, since people tend to leave jobs within 3-5 years, that gets to be a challenge, but a year helps me feel completely settled and realize that "yeah, we did this last year..."

October 18, 2006 10:55 AM  

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