Sunday, April 19, 2009

March for the Animals: Year THREE!

This year was our third year participating in the SPCA's March for the Animals. The weather was great - overcast, yes, but bright, 65 degrees-ish and breezy. This year Antonio was lucky to walk with his Aunt Jill (thank you!), and I walked Rilee to help build my strong arm muscles. Not sure how much was raised yet this year (it takes a few days for them to know), but it really felt worthwhile, and the dogs are TIRED. Nicole and I actually dropped off Antonio at home and took Delilah and Rilee to Craven's Cabana so that we could have a quick beer.

So I have loads of pics, but I'm including the cuter ones here.

Rilee and Delilah getting much needed water at a water station.

Antonio when he FINALLY thought he made it to the front of the pack. You could just feel how proud he was!

Antonio and his momma (like my sunburn?)

Nicole and her girls - Rilee and Delilah (where's Waldo Antonio?)

The Prevatts - Rob, Jill and Rocky (AKA "Rockstar")

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Anonymous Anonymous Ann said...

It was a perfect day, wasn't it? I was sitting at one of the registration desks.

One woman told us this was the eighth year she and her dog have participated -- and her dog had on eight different colored SPCA bandanas from each year!

Oh, then there was the little dog that was dressed in a Ravens cheerleader costume -- complete with little pom poms on each paw!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

April 19, 2009 3:41 PM  

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