Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Brother 7 All-Stars Update: Final Two

Geez. Now I am worried. Boogie won HOH and of course took Erika with him to the final two. Erika is not the better player of the two... that's for sure, so my concern is that the jury doesn't see him for the sleaze he's been and considers his lying "strategic."

Erika's behavior over the last few days hasn't been that of a woman scorned either, so I'm not sure if she realizes the extent of Boogie's deceit. If she goes into the final show with an "Oh, I don't know... Mike and I may still end up together" mindset, then she may not get the sympathy she needs from the jury to win. If she seems okay, they might weigh their opinions of Boogie and give him the win.

This is looking bad for me. For heaven's sakes, Boogie called her a "ho-mance." I hope the jury hears that. He's disgusting. I miss Janelle.


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