Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner

I am spending Thanksgiving weekend in Baltimore... that's what happens when you get a new job with minimal vacation in the first year. For the last week, I just haven't been sure what I wanted to do for Thanksgiving Day, and I received offers from a few friends who invited me to spend time with their families (THANK YOU CJ, Jess and Russ, and Wes for the invites). In the 11th hour, I decided to go to Jill's parents' house. I hadn't seen Jill or Rob in awhile, so it was nice to get my friend-fill of them. :)

I ended up having a really fun time. There was an immense amount of food, and I know Jill's sisters and parents, so I didn't feel too out of place. Here's a photo of us kids sitting around chatting just after dinner. (From left to right: Jessica, Joe, me, Jaclyn, Rob and Jill)

Photo of Jill's mom eating turkey... yummy!

Joe, Jill's younger brother, is majoring in the performing arts, so after dinner was over, we all gathered around the piano and listened to him sing. It was a real treat since not many of my B-more friends are theatre/Broadway musical fanatics like I am. In fact, even though Jill and Rob had to leave to go visit with Rob's family, I stayed around with Jill's family listening to Joe and watching his recital tape.

Here's a bonus video. It was Joe's first song of the night. I heart Jill's mom. She's so funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny and amazing .... that "mom" had that much energy left after cooking for the big T day.

Just the kind of mom, I'd like to meet.

Rissa's Mom

November 24, 2006 6:57 PM  
Anonymous jill said...

so glad you joined us, C! can't wait to see you tonight. i'm sooo showing my mom her web clip debut... she'll love it.

November 25, 2006 11:56 AM  

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