Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kelsey's Pub

So last night we went to Kelsey's Pub in E-City. I'd never been there before, but it was a really nice place! The bartender was a little slow, but great acoustics for a band, and very clean.

Oh my God... what fun we had! It was a complete upper for me since my mood has been so bad the last few days. I met Jess' friend, Jess (go figure), who is visiting from Vermont. What a great gal! So it was Jess, Jess, Angie, Donna and me. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

A Jess sandwich! I bet we're delicious!

A Wes and Drew sing-a-long!

This is me getting my groove on - and what a groove it is!

Angie and Charissa... how sweet! We always take good pics.

Drew and Jess catching up. Jess hasn't seen the boys in over a year.

Jess and Wes - hey, that rhymes!

These are just snippets of the multitude of photos that we took. For the full set, email me and I'll send you the link to the Kodak Gallery album.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

comment on wrong entry...delete this one please...I put it on the one intended. :) Goofy me!

November 20, 2006 9:35 PM  

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