Friday, December 01, 2006

Still Sleepy, But...

... I'm still going to go out tonight. I actually CRASHED on the couch last night at 8:30 PM, (I was kinda sorry I slept through the whole game, but after hearing about how the Bengals slaughtered the Ravens, I got over it) then I woke up at about 11:30 PM in a coma-like state. I could barely convince myself to go to bed I was so out of it, but somehow I managed it. Sounds great, right? Except that I woke up at 4 AM feeling rested, then woke up again at 5 AM, 6 AM, etc. Grrrrr.

Oh! I posted a photo on Found Beauty (Melon's and my photo blog) that I am pretty proud of. It's very David Lorenz Winston - who is my favorite photographer. Check it out. I think it's one of my best. I wish I could have spent a few hours in that fog. I would have gotten some good stuff.

Off to get ready for dinner.


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