Monday, January 22, 2007

Staying In and Resting Up

So I fell a little short on my chores yesterday. I am home tonight after working until 6 PM, and I've vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen floor, and plan on going through those boxes in the hall tonight. I'm tired. I am a crazy social butterfly that needs to sleep.

Tonight? Well, I'm already in PJs. I just ate macaroni and cheese (the Pasta Roni kind), and I plan on getting some R&R. I hope to be in bed, even if not asleep, by 10 PM. I'm due a normal night's sleep.

This week I have two fun events planned. Wednesday is the first blogger happy hour of 2007. It's in Fells Point (Thanks, Danielle!) so it's a lot more convenient than the one in November. Some of my fav bloggers will be there so it should be fun. And after happy hour is my Thursday event. I'll be having drinks with a certain person I've wanted to have drinks with for awhile. Yay! Honestly, can my week get any better? All I need now is a bonfire at the Reisterstown Ranch, and I'll be all set.


Blogger danielle said...

Do rest up. Your list made me tired just looking at it.

Funny how the happy hour I'm cohosting is way less convenient for me than Dizzy Issie's. It was zenchick's choice. I am excited though b/c I've never been to Wharf Rat, despite having used to leave not too far from there and having friends right down the block. I'll just have to cohost another happy hour in my own 'hood.

January 22, 2007 11:56 PM  

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