Monday, July 09, 2007

The "30" Project #26, #27, #28, & #29

This is the "30" Project make-up edition... haha. I'm getting more excited about my goals at this point...

#26 I am a crafter/scrapbooker-like paper-crafter.

Or... I do papercrafts. This is actually a really important hobby for me, although my small living conditions don't allow me to have a craft room like Marie does. Well as the story goes, years ago when I was recovering from gallbladder surgery, Marie and BJ showed up at my house with well wishes and presents. One of the presents was a 'get well' card which I learned was handmade by Marie. I was shocked. It was the cutest little card I'd ever seen, and shortly thereafter, Marie had me marathon scrapbooking and car-making right next to her. I hope that in time I will have enough room to craft regularly, but for now i have personal crafting sessions once or twice a year to make birthday cards, holiday cards and handmade invitations.

#27 Stephanie and I are still friends.

Haha! I warned her that I might do this. Stephanie is one of my best friends from college. We are both "A" personalities and extremely competitive. I'm not entirely sure if we liked each other right away or not, but we ended up in many of the same classes in college and eventually learned that, together, we were a pretty mean team. Together we managed to get a lot of excellent grades and we even worked together a few years later, but through it all, we fought like champions on occasion. I am pretty sure Stephanie was the first friend to make me break down and cry, and unfortunately, she did it more than once. But we were young and stubborn and crazy competitive with each other, and even though we've had rough patches, she is a kindred spirit and a very important person in my life.

#28 I can drive backwards.

Seriously. When my dad was teaching me to drive, he made me only drive backwards for hours and hours. We were in the parking lot at the high school, and it has curbs and trees and plenty of obstacles. My dad made me drive in reverse, park, pull out and drive in and out of parking spots backwards. My opinion, of course, is that I am now and excellent driver because of this skill that I have. But of course I'd think that about myself. I'm me. :)

#29 I was the Secretary at Camp Christian.

For seven years in middle school and high school, I attended Camp Christian one week every summer. This experience was one of the best of my life. Although I have many religious and faith questions as I grow older (that's normal, right?), I was raised in a Christian family and church. It was a source of safety and strength for me, and Camp Christian was powerful each and every summer. Our junior year, the seniors nominate and elect three leaders for the next year - a boy-co, girl-co and secretary, who can be a boy or girl. Well, low and behold, even thought I wasn't in the coolest crowd at Camp Christian (yes, there was even a cool crowd there), I was elected secretary. I was so, so happy that summer. It was such an honor, and I will be honored every day of my life to have served. It sounds silly, but it was just that important.


Anonymous Savvy Stephanie said...

Happy early Birthday from AZ! It shouldn't be too much of a shock that we are still friends. I mean, we are extremely stubborn and that stubbornness means we wouldn't give up on each other! I love you lots and am proud to make your accomplishments list. :)

July 10, 2007 12:11 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

someday you have to get a room :) i miss you right next to me...

July 10, 2007 9:18 AM  
Anonymous Jodi's brother, Jim said...

You know, Rainman thought he was an 'excellent driver' too...definately!

July 10, 2007 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

#28 !!! YES!!!

LOL, 3 hours of drivings backwards is the fastest way to learn how a car operates. No if, ands, or buts :)

Love you Rissa, and have a happy and safe night!

Love, Dad

July 10, 2007 4:20 PM  

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