Thursday, July 05, 2007

The "30" Project #25

I was a semi-finalist for Big Brother Season Two.

Yep. I absolutely LOVE this show. It's like MTVs's Real World on steroids. Gone are the calls the participants can make home, the newspapers/tv/movies they can access, or any contact to the outside world. These people are locked in a house for months with CBS and their housemates completely ruling their lives - and we get to watch every minute of them going crazy. I love it.

So after Season One I sent in an audition tape for Season Two. The whole premise of the video is that I'm small and I won't take up too much room in the house, so there was footage of me crawling out of cabinets, boxes, a freezer (more to come on that later) and a car trunk. It was a pretty good video, and what do you know - I got a call to interview in Philadelphia. My significant other at the time lived in Baltimore, so I flew here and we drove up to Philly for my audition. Well, I didn't make it past that audition - I think it was how I answered a few of the questions - but if I would have the next step was being flown to LA as a finalist. FUN! Oh well... I think it's enough to say I was ALMOST on Big Brother.

Oh - and is anyone up for a Big Brother draft this year? Richie? Anyone else? C'MON!!!


Blogger cherylann said...

ok, Big Brother draft... fill me in!!!

July 05, 2007 10:22 PM  

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