Sunday, July 01, 2007

The "30" Project #20 & #21

I have accomplished quite a bit today given that I spent three hours at the pool again. Today I met CJ's friend, Nicole, who I've heard a lot about over the last year but never met. We're all actually a lot a like and it was a lot of fun. We're planning a reunion of sorts really soon, so I am looking forward to it. Thanks for hosting, CJ. :)

Now on to the project...

I've "fixed" the two major things I didn't like about myself. I've paid to have my teeth and eyes done.

Maybe the accomplishment here should be paying them off (which I haven't done yet), but I guess my point in this post is that I grew up self conscious about my eyes and teeth, and as an adult, I have made strides to fix what I didn't like and reverse those feelings.

First are my teeth, which had staining on them due to medicines I took when I was very little. People often referred to them as 'fluoride stains,' but that's not what they were. The staining, or discoloration, was mainly on my two front teeth, and when I was about 23 or so, I paid for veneers for my front teeth. I can't tell you how much my vision of myself improved after this. It sounds so vain, but I was always paranoid that people were looking at my teeth and I'm sure I smile 100x more now that I had this done.

Second are my eyes. I've posted about these procedures (all four of them) quite extensively, so I won't torture my readers with details (again), but my poor eyesight was always a hindrance for me. I had a few long term relationships where the guy didn't see me in my glasses (sans contacts) for over a year because I worried what he'd think of the 'nerdy' Charissa. I looked so different in my glasses that I worried guys would see the 'ugly' nerd in me and run the other way. Of course, as I have grown older this feeling has faded, and one of the strongest driving points to get the surgery for me was actually safety. I felt really vulnerable knowing that without my glasses or contacts, I would be 100% vulnerable to any sort of attack.

So this post sounds vain, I guess... but to those who know me - I know you get my drift. It's a great feeling to have the power to change your life, whether it's five pounds (still working on it!), education and learning, or whether it's completely superficial.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even as a small child you knew what you wanted. Now as a women you do what it takes to get it, that seems very adult to me.


July 01, 2007 8:21 PM  
Blogger Missy B said...

Your mom is right. It takes a lot of strength to go for and get what you want. You deserve every happiness whether you give it to yourself as a gift or it comes from another source.

July 02, 2007 8:43 PM  

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