Saturday, June 30, 2007

The "30" Project #18

I am now three days behind on this project. This week has been sooo exhausting. I felt so tired today at work that I was afraid someone would say something to mean or rude and that I might go off. I haven't been that exhausted in awhile. Scary.

So I came home from work, let the dog out, gave him a toy, took two Tylenol PM and slept until 9:30 PM. I feel so much better. Of course, I just got off of the phone (3 plus hours!) so I might be tired enough to go back to bed since it's now 1 AM.

So the project... I am a published photographer.

I took a spontaneous photo of my nephew a few years ago, and submitted it into a photo contest. The photo was selected and printed in a book of photography. Not that this book is by any means special, in fact some of the photos were just outright bad, but it was cool to see my photo printed in a hard bound book. I actually bought the book for my sister and brother-in-law later, just because I thought it would be nice for them and my nephew to own somewhere down the line. Now in addition to this photo, you will recall that one of my BIT photos was published (Thanks, Brian) in The Baltimore Sun a few months back. So although I have little expertise or skill, I am a publisher photographer. So it's minimal... so what? It's cool just the same.


Blogger jwer said...

About 13 years ago, I was working at a record store in Towson when a woman from the Science Center came in and asked for help on getting an image of a bunch of CDs for a new math exhibit they were putting on; I took a bunch of promo CDs I had, scattered them upside down in a big pile on the floor, and that picture has been at the Science Center ever since. Whoo!

June 30, 2007 8:11 AM  

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