Monday, July 02, 2007

The "30" Project #22

I have the coolest job.

I really do. And it has been quite a road to get here. In Ohio, I worked at Kent State University during school, and then at a company called XtraSource as a call center trainer during my junior and senior years. When I graduated, I worked for First Energy as a Marketing Rep for six months selling landscape lighting, and then moved on to First Energy Solutions as a Sales Coordinator - initially on the Industrial sales team, and then on the Retail Chains team. In 2002, I was laid off from First Energy and then came to Baltimore when I couldn't find a suitable place of employment in Ohio.

I moved to Baltimore without a job, but I had enough severance and cashed-in bonds to last me a few months until I could find one. Initially, I interviewed at the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association. I really wanted the job, and I was second in line for it, but I just didn't know Baltimore at all back then, and that was a major weakness given the mission of the organization. I obviously didn't get it. My second interview was at Williams Scotsman in White Marsh, and low and behold, I was offered a position as a Marketing Analyst, then was moved into a Product Management role a year or so later. So after three and a half years at WS, I interviewed for my current job at The Company.

As my current coworkers know, the interview process at The Company is extensive. I had a one-hour phone interview, two six-hour interviews, and a number of personality tests... and what happened? They hired me! Without giving away what I do or who I work for, this position is exactly me. Like I always say, I wanted more responsibility when I left WS, and boy did I get it. It is often explained that my coworkers and I run their own little companies, and it's so true. There's a lot of responsibility, but there's an even greater payoff when you do your job well. I'm almost 9 months in now, and working for The Company is one of the greatest accomplishments I've made in my life - certainly the greatest professional accomplishment. It's a challenge, that's for sure, but it's also the hard work and the excitement that I've always wanted. (Now cross your fingers for my upcoming review!) KIDDING!


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