Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Marie!

My wonderful friend, Marie, turns 30 today. (And secretly, I couldn't be more thrilled.) I just love Marie, I really, really do.

My friendship with Marie started out with us as enemies, actually. She was an uber-talented and pretty girl, and very popular is our overall group. At some point she broke up with a boy and I started dating him, so my BF Jessica and I decided that we really didn't like Marie and made fun of her (she didn't like me either - it's okay).

Jump forward a year or so later, and we both played one of the Von Trapp children (she was Liesel, I was Brigitta) in our high school musical. We had the same scenes, the same changing room, and somewhere along the line we actually started liking each other. We even had our first "date" going to see a movie. (Do you remember which movie, M?)

Oh well, we've been great friends ever since, and even though there has been distance and schools and many things that have separated us over time, we love each other completely. There's no one I'd rather sing Jodi Messina with.

I love you so much, Marie. Happy 30th Birthday. Thanks for joining me on this side of the hill. * Hugs *


Blogger Missy B said...

Happy Birthday Marie.

August 02, 2007 10:21 PM  

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