Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Belly Ache

My stomach is very tight. What did I eat? Certainly not dinner, that's for sure... but it's been tight for a few hours now. I had cheddar goldfish this afternoon.... I don't think that's it. I did have a lean pocket for lunch - do you think? I've certainly seen this video about lean pockets before, but I've always done okay with them without complications. Ugh. I guess time will tell.

I stayed late at work today (oh, and the review went very well, so thanks for asking!), then I went out for a drink and came home a lot later than I usually like. I've been home for a few hours now, but I can already feel bed creeping up on me. I like bed. And sheets. And blankets. And sleeping. Yep, I do.

What? How's the deck coming? Check out these pics!

The ceiling and walls are framed in. T1 will go up here to close it in and clean it up. These new walls will also be much sturdier to support the handrails.

This is the beginning of the railing - but only 6 feet out. My landlord is steadying up the railing here while he works on the framing (for safety). Then when he extends the deck out an additional 6 or 7 feet, he'll just detach and reattach the railing to the extended part of the deck.

A shotty photo of the railing straight on.

With only a few more days of sun left, I don't think the deck will be functional by this weekend... but it's coming along very quickly, isn't it?


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