Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Week In Review

So here's my catch-up post. The last week has been filled with parties, work, crab pickin' and work. But seriously, these are just the highlights. More photos on FB.

Some of Katie's friends had a "second birthday" for her - much like the Hobbits' second breakfast. I only stayed for awhile, but it was a lovely night and one of the first nights that Della Rose's had their outside bar open. Gorgeous!

Here are just Corie, Katie and I.

I also spent time at Gina's brother's house for his birthday party. Lots of flip cup was played, but I'm not very good at it, so I'm not sure how much I helped. We were also lucky enough to get a crazy Baltimore Police Helicopter fly-by since our birthday boy is a member of the police department. It was the coolest! The helicopter first circled the house very low so that it was nearly 90 degrees, then he did a CRAZY low fly-over. Loved it. We ended the evening in Tony's basement watching Toto and Hall & Oates in concert on the big screen. So fun!

Here are just the girls - at least those of us still there at the end of the night.

Lastly... I picked crabs. It was super-hard to document because your fingers get so dirty, but I picked three crabs by myself with CJ's detailed instructions. I couldn't have had a better teacher - she was so patient. I still think lungs and mustard are disgusting, but I learned to pick around it.

Here's me all blotchy - that's the international Charissa sign of stress and anxiety (check out the crab body in my hand).

Here's me all done! Dirty hands and everything. Woot!



Blogger Cassie said...

oH YEAH....No way lungs and mustard. I'll stick with legs

May 31, 2009 9:57 AM  

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