Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesdays About Town

I feel like I'm pseudo-coping out today, because although this is a legitimate topic for Tuesdays About Town, the photos are from January, so I feel as if I am being somewhat misleading because they weren't taken recently. Oh well.

In Baltimore they have a fabulous variation of bowling called "duckpin." The lane size is the same, but the balls and pins are smaller than "regular" bowling, or, as Baltimoreans call it, "tenpin." (Rob, seen here to the left, properly demonstrating his duckpin ball-release technique.)

Duckpin essentially has the same rules as tenpin, but because the balls and pins are smaller you have to be really strategic when you roll/throw/whip the ball toward the pins.

At the beginning of the night I wasn't so good. It was pathetic. Because I am so used to just rolling a tenpin ball down the lane and letting it hit whatever it may, I was pretty crap at duckpin. I'd release the ball and it would roll directly between the pins, taking nothing with it. What's even funnier is that Heather wasn't very good at duckpin either. In this photo I am showing Heather how to properly grasp the duckpin ball (or was I singing - I'm not entirely sure). Man, Heather - weren't you born in Baltimore? :)

This is a serious game, I tell you! Here you can see Heather and Rob properly warming up before their next frame (or were they dancing? It's all so blurry now...) Duckpin is a serious sport in the Mid-Atlantic region, but my friends here wouldn't believe me at first when I told them that there is no such thing in Ohio. For all of you reading this from out of town, you can learn more about Duckpin here.

Well back in January, it only took me a few games (and pitchers of beer) to get the hang of it. By the time we finished up, I had a mean arm... and I ended up kicking some major arse with a 118 on my final game. In fact, if I recall correctly, I even beat Rob at that game! (Did he ever pay me that $10?)

So... what is everyone doing this weekend? I'm thinking Parkville Lanes... who's in with me?


Blogger Missy B said...

Wow you even dressed the part!!! Is that a bowling shirt?

July 25, 2006 10:25 PM  

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