Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Updated Kid Pics

Here are a number of pictures of my sister's kids taken this weekend. AREN'T THEY SCRUMPTIOUS?

This is Zavier, being a complete ham! It only took a few thousand pictures to get this one!

Baby Jude (I know, he's two) and his sweet smile. He's contagious.

Calista and me... we're twins, we know. We just can't help ourselves.

And a few group shots, complete with a bonus dog!


Anonymous Jessie said...


I know you think only (how did you put it??) four people read this blog... but every once in a while I get on to see how you're doing.

I just love this! You're wit and humor is so YOU and I like to be reminded of it. And your sister's kids? MY LORD are they grown up! Calista looks almost like a teenager... and Antonio? He's so GRAY! (I think I wrote that to you already once?).

Anyway, I am thinking about you often and even contemplated calling you up to meet for coffee on Monday (was feeling better by Monday) but then started feeling like ass again. Sounds like you were mighty busy, though :)

Anyway, so great to be able to catch a glimpse at what you are up to through this strange and oh-so-modern venue.

We'll find time to catch up soon and maybe get in a visit. My world is going to be turned upside down in about 6 months so we must work quickly ;)

Call me!

Hugs to you and 'tonio-ba-bonio. Miss you guys.

- Jess

July 06, 2006 11:08 AM  

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