Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas: The Day After

So I slept in the den last night, which is a wooded room with huge picture windows and a sliding door to the deck. It's chilly in here, so I had an electric stove going all night and Antonio and I slept on an air mattress under fifty some blankets.

Overall I slept fine, although when I was on my laptop at midnight, it occurred to me that I couldn't see the outside, and someone could've been standing at the glass watching me and I wouldn't have known. Creepy. I am just letting my imagination run wild though, because this is Akron, Ohio, not Baltimore. Not that scary things couldn't happen here (Jeffrey Dahlmer lived about 15 minutes away from here)... but it's far more likely to happen in B-more than in Akron.

I'm in the den rather than the spare room because my grandparents and my Aunt Mary slept over: Grandparents in the parents room, and Aunt Mary in the spare room. This was the first time that they haven't stayed at a hotel because my parents' house is big enough now to accommodate family staying over on holidays. It's been nice, because after Christmas at my sister's yesterday, we came back here and chatted, drank wine, and watched TV. It was good private time with the grandparents that I don't always get.

Here's me and my Aunt Mary watching a video on my laptop. I have always adored this woman; she has always been the glamorous Aunt. Yesterday my mom said that we looked alike, and that was a huge compliment to me. She's so fancy.

Today I have breakfast with the family and then lunch with Angela, JB and Scott. I owe Jacqui and Jessie each a call as well, and maybe I'll stop in and see my grandpa if he's feeling better. This is really too ambitious for someone who wants to be on the road by 3 pm at the latest.

As promised, a few photos from yesterday, although if you are family, email me for a link to the full album on Ofoto, er... I mean Kodak Gallery.

Antonio resting while we scramble to get ready for the day.

Jude and my grandma Costa.

Zavier and Jude playing together.

Calista has the longest tongue on the planet. Jill, she might just have you beat.

My dad and Zavier.

Me and Aunt Mary.

Jude playing with cars at my feet in the kitchen.

Aunt Mary, Dad and Zavier watching a sponge take shape in water.

Calista dancing to her favorite new singer, Zach, a local artist.


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