Sunday, October 14, 2007

These Things I Hold to be True

1. My eye is still irritated.
2. My house is once again a wreck.
3. I should feel a lot worse after last night.

I can't believe I scratched my eye. I'm an idiot because the last time I sanded the door yesterday, I didn't wear eyewear. Completely my fault. My eye doesn't hurt, it just won't stop watering. Somewhere I have steroid eye drops from my eye surgery, and I wish I could find them. They'd be great to have right now.

In better news, I found a new fav bar - Harvey's Pub. We went to a charity event there last night, and it was so much fun. Rob and Jill guest bartended, I sang karaoke, and the INDIANS WON GAME TWO. Seriously, it was an amazing night. I think the fact that I'm not hungover today must be testament to the amount of adrenaline pumping through my body last night. At times, I could feel my heart beating through my chest during the game, especially after a zillion innings of a 6-6 score. The extra innings made it all worthwhile. I think I paid $20 the whole night total. That bar definitely deserves more of my money. (It helps that I know the owner, I suppose.)

Here are Jill and Rob behind the bar during their 'shift.' Most of our group went up to the bar to harass them while they worked, but I stayed at our table to watch the playoff game. I wasn't going to give up my front row seat to the big screen.

My BFF, Jill and I hanging out at the bar.

Angie and Donna came out to join in the fun and raise money for charity. (We still can't figure out how to get a photo with Donna's eyes open.)

All-in-all a fabulous evening on all accounts. The Indians won, I got to spend time with some great people, and I found a great new hometown bar! That will be a hard night to beat.


Anonymous jill said...

good times! thanks to you, angie and donna for coming to support us =) i'll let you know when the next trip to harvey's is.

October 16, 2007 5:53 PM  

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