Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Cat Needs a Home

A coworker of mine needs to find a good home for her cat, Simon. I have met Simon, and boy, is he handsome. Here's a little note from her (only slightly edited because she wrote it so well).

"Simon loves his people, but has not been socialized for kids. He has yellow eyes that turn green when he is extremely happy. He is chatty when he wants something but otherwise quiet. His gray tabby coat is soft and thick from his occasional love of salmon and fish.

Simon is a youthful 8 years old, fixed, and is currently on a "slim down" program... down 2 lbs now to 20 lbs. He is up-to-date on all shots and would come with a bunch of toys, his litter box, and a carrier.

He likes to play, but he needs a friend. He LOVES watching birds and butterflies and squirrels from the window ledge inside. He likes cooked fish and catnip. His only dislike is touching his tummy. He is protective of that area. He has an affinity for men more than women.

Simon will be best in a quiet home. He grew up around a few dogs, and he got along very well. We think that he's just bored with just the two of us."

Anyone know of a good home for Simon? Call 517..526..2060.


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