Saturday, December 22, 2007


I made it to Ohio. Thank goodness for my Bluetooth headset because I talked for at least 75% of the trip, and it's so nice having my hands free.

Already I can tell that things have changed. On I-76 west on Youngstown, there's a huge LOWE's right next to the highway all lit up like New Year's Eve. Where the heck did that come from? The closest commercial property is Summit Racing, meaning it's in the middle of nowhere. What is a LOWE's doing out there?

After a lazy night of hanging out with the parents last night (plus a glass or two of wine), I woke up this morning for a 10 AM chiropractor visit. I knew it was going to be bad. If I lived here, I'd probably see a chiropractor ever 6 weeks for general maintenance (yes, I screw up my back that easily), but living in Baltimore I see my doctor once, maybe twice, per year. That means he has to do a lot of manipulation in one visit. Lots of cracking = sore Charissa.

As it turns out, my headaches have been caused by the mess in my back and neck. He said that three major vertebra were out of line and causing a "hump" of muscle... a few snaps fixed that, but it will take a day or so for the soreness to go away. Add four neck snaps to a good back manipulation, and I am sore and sleepy. Ho-hum.


Blogger Alex said...

I've never been to a chiropractor or a masseuse. Arguments about their medical benefit aside, I've heard that both work wonders in relieving all sorts of tension.

December 22, 2007 4:19 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

if you want to see a chiropractor back here i would recommend you to my guy... he was awesome! also you already know my opinion on raising your monitor and getting a keyboard tray.. it's done wonders for me. lay off the laptop too- for real!!

December 22, 2007 8:18 PM  
Blogger John said...

Glad you made it to the Midwest okay. Hope you're feeling better. I've never been to a chiropractor, so i don't know all the good they can do (now as for my many run-ins with gastroenterologists, well...)

Alex: Wouldn't you have to be a masseur? :D Just saying...

December 23, 2007 1:06 PM  

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