Monday, August 25, 2008

Back in Bmore

I'm back. It was both a great weekend - filled with family - and a difficult weekend at the same time. My grandma is healing and in good spirits, but it was sooo hard to leave her Saturday... it's just all so scary. Today I hung out with my sister, brother in law, and their kids. It was really nice. Lots of lego playing (I built spaceships) and lots of time outside watching the kids (and dogs) play.

I'm not feeling very chatty, so I'll give you some photos of my weekend in review. The only pic missing is one of my grandpa... I thought I'd get to see him twice, so I missed out on a picture. Either way, though, I'm not posting pics of my grandparents... they are all in various degrees of health, and regardless of whether or not they'll see my blog, I know they wouldn't want to be on it. I love them all so very much...

Antonio meeting Wembly... "getting to know you..."
Wembly all sleepy-like.

The interior of Mary Coyle's - deelicious ice cream in Highland Square, Akron, Ohio.

Antonio and I all road-weary at my grandpa's house. Antonio was pretty much done for the day by 5 PM on Friday.

Saturday night my mom's show won Best Show of the Season with a Chanticleer Award from Weathervane Community Playhouse. Remember the review? Amazing!

Antonio with a tennis ball - how cute are his little eyeballs??

Me, Jude, Zavier and Calista - knee-deep in legos.

Definitely a fixture of my visits home - Calista getting the sweet, sweet kisses from Antonio dog.

Calista showing off her mad rollerblade skillz. She's really quite good!

Wembly and Antonio

My mamma and Mr. Jude

Wembly and Calista - how cute!

Antonio murdered this ball. I believe that we're looking at pride here.

This shot rocks. It is so rare to get Jude to smile at the camera...

Zavier perched on the railing. I think he got in trouble for this, but it sure makes a cute photo.

Zavier showing off our cool spaceships. Yeah, we're a good team alright. :)

Calista and I - she looks less and less like me all of the time (sniff). But isn't she beautiful?

The drive back was sad... you can't help but want to turn around...


Anonymous jill said...

i can't believe how much those three cuties have grown! looks like u had a great time :)

August 25, 2008 6:59 PM  

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