Saturday, August 02, 2008


I slept until NOON today... heh heh heh. I feel great. I have been so tired since my trip toi CA, and although I've been sleeping fine, I needed to veg out. Now I just want to play computer games. :)

Last night Angie and I went to ACW's "zenchick" party. I call it that because ACW will soon be joining the ranks of used-to-be bloggers... and just as people introduced Zenchick to me, we'll be introducing ACW to others. "Oh that guy? Yeah, he used to blog. You probably never read his stuff."

I'm afraid we also have a little matter to discuss regarding the location of the happy hour - Don't Know? Tavern in Federal Hill. Yeah... I'm very sorry to say so, but this place officially has no clue how to make hummus. Yes, I know it was supposed to be red pepper hummus, but the first plate they gave me was red pepper mush. They tried again with a new batch, and although it was far less disgusting, it still didn't have that hummus texture. Hummus is a little grainy, folks (and by folks I mean that blond chick who stuck her nose into my conversation at the bar). It isn't supposed to be mushy and soft.

So although our time at the tavern was nice, and the bar staff (for the most part) was understanding... do not order hummus here. The chef has no idea how to make it. Wait... isn't "no idea" another one of this owner's bars? Huh. Now I get it...


Blogger Jodi said...

I usually love your pictures of food, but that looks like barf. There are so many places to get good hummus here in NYC- can't wait till I get to show you! (HINT-HINT!)

August 02, 2008 1:07 PM  
Blogger anonymouscoworker said...

The crab dip was good. Thanks for coming!

August 04, 2008 2:58 PM  

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