Saturday, July 26, 2008


My stomach aches today. Ugh. I spent last night and this morning working, got up around ten, went to pick up my prescription, and now I'm trying to clean. In case anyone is interested... karaoke at Poncabird will occur again, tonight. Should be fun, so come on by.

To Do before Monday:
1. Vacuum - done
2. Trash - done
3. Cleaned bathroom - done
4. Scrub tub - done
Sidenote: I bought the original powder COMET at the store today, and although a less pleasant cleaning experience than the more modern "scrub-less" formulas... WOW, did it clean! It's all a little reminiscent of my childhood, and I have to admit I am VERY pleased. :)
5. Laundry - in progress
6. Sheets (will do tomorrow)
7. Finish pricing work
8. Cat box
9. Pharmacy - done
10. Pack (tomorrow)
11. Dust
12. De-fur
13. Clean fridge - done
14. Kitchen floors - done


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