Sunday, July 27, 2008

damn, damn, damn...

stupid storm. i am typing this using my internet tablet because the thunderstorm knocked out our power. bg&e says it should be back on by three, but it's 1:30!! i have so much to do.

it's too hard to use caps on this thing, which is why everything is lowercase. but the battery life is pretty good so i'll be able to check email at least for the next hour or two - regardless of the power situation.

so now is my chance to get a few things done without the distraction of tv. although i'm stressing about all of the work work i have yet to do, i can get some basic stuff done now.

1. clean cat box - done
2. dust - done
3. put laundry away - mostly done
4. pack - done
5. shower - done
6. take excedrin for headache caused by beers at poncabird last night - done
7. take out trash again
8. put away bills & paperwork - sort of done
9. tell angie what she needs to know write angie a cheat sheet for house/pet sitting - done
10. prep carry on bag - done
11. lysol doorknobs and such - done

things i'm waiting to do that require power:
1. launder sheets - done (the power is back on!)
2. work on work - sort of done
3. charge laptop and ipod chargers for plane - done
4. run dishwasher - done
5. pay bills - done
6. charge camera battery - done



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