Thursday, August 24, 2006

Birthdays and Drinks

We went to Fuddruckers for Steve's birthday today. He is 31! I forgot how delicious Fuddruckers' burgers are. I had the three cheese 1/2 lb burger. It was soooo good, although I paid $8 and some change for it and a soda which is atrocious. This is a photo of Heather, Steve, Bruce and Jill (left to right).

After work I got talked into happy hour (again), so I met Todd, Donny, Scott, Z, Dave and Richie across the street. Here's Z with her bourbon (I think - I am so pathetic, I know nothing about liquor).

We also saw Jessica, Jill's sister, there. And because she loves us, she brought us a round of SoCo and lime... which I hate, by the way. Here we are cheers-ing to Jessica for her love and support.


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