Monday, August 14, 2006

Reality Bites

A quick summary of my reality TV shows... (in 60 seconds or less)

First things first: Big Brother 7. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Janelle is HOH again, which is fine because she's on my fantasy team, but Danielle and Erika are severely at risk. Thank goodness that most of the houseguests seem determined to keep Danielle come hell or high water. It's difficult to have my players both as HOH as well as (soon to be) on the block.

So does anyone have any thoughts on the Coup d'Etat? It has to be huge, like... you can replace a vetoed nominee with the HOH or something. Doesn't it? Thoughts?

Here are the current stats:

Charissa's Team
Janelle, Danielle, Howie, Erika
Voted out: Kaysar

Richie's Team
Will, Mike Boogie, Marcellas, James, George
Voted out: Diane

Hell's Kitchen

As I post this, Hell's Kitchen is not over - but I've already predicted a Heather win, so I feel comfortable publishing this post before 10 PM. So this is what I'm thinking...

Can Virginia be any more of a moron? My goodness. She's a horrible communicator (I say that with experience, because I've known a few), and comes across as plain naive. She's the Janelle of Hell's Kitchen though, because she wins all of the challenges... but there's no way Heather can lose this unless this final hour is a disaster. It would be almost embarrassing for Virginia to win. Heather is 100% solid. No wavering. No questions. Black and white. She's a hard worker, and I respect her immensely for that.

C'mon Heather!

My Reality....

...still bites. Today was a typical Monday, that's for sure. By noon I was ready to head home, but I received some good news in the afternoon that got me through the rest of the day. This is my third (?) official whine about Jill and Rob being on vacation and leaving me alone. Today was only the first day of work without them, and I already have so much to say.

I will desperately try to be in bed by 11 PM tonight (so that I can be rested for work tomorrow), but not before I publish a final post, of course....


Blogger NPR Junky said...

I gotta tell you, Charissa, I saw BB7 for this first time last week, and was utterly in the dark about what the heck was going on. Jason's grandparents watch it, and I was constantly asking questions. Other than getting paid if they win, what's the big deal? Are they famous people? How are they chosen?

August 15, 2006 9:28 PM  

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