Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday In All Its Glory

We went to the park today so I could get some good reading done. I'm almost through with my current book. It's taking me a long time because I've only been reading it at the park... which is once a week if I'm lucky.

But while we were at the park an interesting thing happened. Antonio and I were lying down when I heard the sound of a jingling dog collar. I looked up, and a german shepard mix, maybe 40 lbs, was coming at us... with no leash. Instinctively, I pulled Antonio into me (I was lying on my side), put my hand around his muzzle to keep him from barking, growling or biting, and wrapped both arms around him to cover him as best I can.

As it turns out - the dog wasn't vicious, but just broke free of his owner who spent the next hour or so chasing him around Patterson Park. What really got me was my instincts. I once told a friend that I'd throw myself in front of a car to save my dog, and he said that I wouldn't... that my own survival instincts would kick in and that I wouldn't allow myself. Of course, I argued the point because I can't imagine my life without my pets. Anyway, today as I was trying desperately to cover Antonio, it occurred to me that I was probably going to get bitten, but it only hardened my resolve. I just figured that I could take the attack better than he could, and I was willing to face it.

Instincts are interesting, aren't they? Maybe Antonio would feel safer if he understood what happened today, but he probably already feels safe with me. I'm a good mom.

Oh, and for dinner I made yummy pasta with tons of mushrooms. Delicious.


Blogger Summer said...

You're right in that you would have had a better chance of surviving the bite than your little dog, but still... glad it worked out ok.

and that's a funny image of the owner chasing his dog around the park for an hour!!! I imagine he'll get a stronger leash now?

August 28, 2006 7:21 PM  

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