Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quick BB7 Update

James is out. It's kind of sad, because I really like him... but again, he isn't on my fantasy BB7 team, so he's gotta go. Right after he left, the houseguests competed for HOH, and Erika won. This is good, because it ensures Erika and Danielle will stay, but Janelle is now vulnerable again. Remember... it's not that I like Janelle, but she, like Danielle and Erika, are on my BB7 fantasy team.

Here's the thing: Erika is likely to make some bad decisions this week because she hearts Mike Boogie. Mistake. But there are so few people left in the house, she's basically limited to Janelle, Will, and George for nomination. She's likely to honor her alliance with George, because she can do so without too much drama, and nominate Janelle and Will. Of course, she'll say that Will is the pawn, because Boogie isn't going to be happy about Will being on the chopping block.

All of this is okay with me... although I think there is a genius way to change the game: the girls could align. I know that it is unlikely, but can you imagine a Janelle, Erika and Danielle alliance? That would ROCK. It would be risky for Danielle and Erika because Janelle easily wins competitions, but Will and Mike Boogie would be goners. Erika's chance of winning is small because even if she makes it to the final two, almost everyone has played the game more creatively or with more risk. Because of this, she also makes a great partner. Danielle could win against Erika, but it would be risky to be in the final two with Janelle because Janelle's competition record is well-respected. The girl alliance would be completely to Janelle's advantage without question. She's not likely to win against Will or Boogie if she partners with them.

I've left poor George out of this, and I feel bad about that because I genuinely like him. He's on Richie's fantasy BB7 team... but if George can make it to the final two I will be crazy-happy for him.

Current Stats:

Charissa's Team
Janelle, Danielle, Erika
Voted out: Kaysar, Howie

Richie's Team
Will, Mike Boogie, George
Voted out: Diane, Marcellas, James

All of that said, I will now open the floor to comments.


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