Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Words of the Day

Straight from BuzzWord:

opportunity: Something bestowed upon you by your boss that provides all of the stress of taking on additional job responsibilities with absolutely no increase in financial compensation.

relanguage: Term used by $300-an-hour consultants when $5 words, such as reword, rephrase or rewrite, would work just as well. "I think we can relanguage that to be more effective."

bulletize: To highlight supposedly key information using bullet points. "To help explain my idea, I've bulletized the main points on the next slide..." Often used by people who can't explain themselves in complete sentences.

And dammit, I've been using this one for years:
genericize: To make generic. "We need to genericize this training videotape."

I need drinks... Heather Red Bull and I are going out, dammit.


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