Saturday, September 23, 2006

Holly & Scott's Wedding

What a beautiful wedding. I haven't seen two people so in love in a long, long time. Watching Holly and Scott reminds me of what some of us are still looking for... that kind of love, trust, and comfort that is so rare to find in another person. They are sinfully adorable and so utterly comfortable with each other. I told her I was jealous. :)

One of the highlights of my night was dancing the jitterbug with Bob S. Apparently we stole the show, but I was too busy trying to keep up with him that I barely noticed the dance floor cleared. Mom and I also performed a great rendition of Dancing Queen, but I have to admit that I have some previous experience karaoke-ing that song, so it wasn't much of a challenge.

Here are a few quick photos from tonight's festivities...

My Mom and I

My Dad and I

My Dad and I dancing ("He's got one squiggy eye...")

Scott and Holly


Blogger NPR Junky said...

Lovely! It's nice to see two people find "that something" isn't it? It's a good reminder of what to look for.

September 25, 2006 6:52 PM  

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