Friday, September 22, 2006

C is for Chiropractor

I went to my chiropractor early this morning. For those of you that think chiropractors are quacks, turn away now because I love my chiropractor. I have been going to him for almost twenty years — my entire family goes to this guy. I will defend my chiropractor until the end of time because he can fix things no one else can fix.

(For the record, he doesn't do traction or any of that weird stuff. He does what is called 'diversified adjustment,' which is just realigning the bones manually. No electric shocks, no machines. Just me, the special chiropractor table, and him.)

Since he's in Ohio, I see him very rarely, so he always cracks as much of me as he can because he knows I may not be back for a long time. This morning he said I was pretty bad. Apparently sitting on one leg at my desk isn't so good for my back, nor is holding the phone between my cheek and shoulder, nor are about ten other things that I do regularly.

This was by far the best/worst visit ever. Best - because he realigned my spine, from my waist up into my neck. I was so far out of line I'm surprised I could walk straight. Worst - because about twenty minutes after he was done, my body went into complete shock and I couldn't stay awake. I slept most of the day away. My eyelids were so heavy. Even now my back and neck muscles are sore. I hope that my body adjusts to the manipulation by tomorrow. Shock + wedding + wine = not so good.

Later in the afternoon my mom and I went shopping, then we met the whole family for dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse (a family pasta place in downtown Akron). My niece and nephews are so cute , and they are growing up so fast. Calista (7) has lost one of her two front teeth, Zavier (5) is fascinated by everything, and Jude (2) is a smart little booger that flirts with his Aunt Rissa (that's me). Here's a photo of Calista and I. Photos of the boys to come on Sunday when I see them at breakfast. There's no sleeping in for me this weekend.


Anonymous Ya Mon said...

Traction isn't weird. Your back gets out of line because of the muscles. Traction strengthens those muscles so they don't pull your back out of place. Then you wouldn't need a chiropractor.

September 26, 2006 1:19 PM  
Blogger Rhonda Munoz said...

It’s disappointing that there are still people who don’t really understand chiropractic care, and therefore have many misconceptions of what it really is. Chiropractic has helped many people since it was conceived. I will always be thankful to my chiropractor for changing my life and the way I view my health!

-- Rhonda Munoz

December 12, 2012 8:52 AM  

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