Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday Night @ JD's

Last night I met Heather RB and her crew at JD's. That place is so odd sometimes. They play great music until about midnight, then it's all hip-hop. Ugh. I had a lot of fun and a safe cab ride the whole half mile home (thanks to Heather and Mike).

Here's a photo of Sam, Heather and I.

And as an added bonus, here's a photo from my drive home yesterday. It rained a heavy, torrential rain all day, and when it stopped the sky was filled with fast-moving, fluffy clouds. I wish I could have taken a better photo, but I took this one from my car while sitting at a traffic light — not the most ideal conditions.


Blogger NPR Junky said...

Golly, I wish I lived near you so we could hang out. What an exciting life you lead!

September 17, 2006 9:19 PM  
Blogger Charissa said...

Where do you live, lady?

September 18, 2006 11:11 AM  
Blogger NPR Junky said...

Not too far from you, I'm in Newark, DE. Close enough to come down on weekends, but on weekday happy hours, I'm out. Just ask Snay.

September 18, 2006 5:52 PM  

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