Sunday, September 17, 2006

Netflix and Modelos

I have two new movie reviews for you all today. Watching Netflix and drinking my Modelo Especials is awesome.

First I watched Poseidon, a story about a tidal wave capsizing a cruise ship. I thought the movie had too little character development in the beginning. When the disaster occurred, I didn't really care about any one individual over another. The plot progressed too quickly for me in the first 30 minutes. Most likely this was done because they needed ample time for the more adventurous parts of the story. The action scenes were great, but my fear of drowning had me taking deep breaths throughout. At the end of the day, I definitely enjoyed the action the best, but the poor character development caused me to rate this movie at only three stars.

Next I watched The Wild, a Disney animated movie about a zoo lion cub that accidentally gets shipped to Africa. This results in his father and a group of other animals from the zoo heading out on a rescue mission to save him. I remembered seeing trailers on TV for this movie, but I don't think it received much press. I have to admit that my primary reason for watching this was that Eddie Izzard — my favorite comedian of all time — performed the voices for two of the characters. He did a lot of ad lib throughout the movie, which cracked me up! For Eddie's performances, I rated this movie four stars. I just might have to buy this one.


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