Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friendship Triathalon: Hiking (1 of 3)

Today is National Friendship Triathalon Day. I haven't seen Jill in a whole WEEK! We started off the day in our hiking class (Community College of Baltimore County) and trekked over 4 miles up at Oregon Ridge. There were some tough parts, but overall, we really had a blast. Jill and I got to catch up on the multitude of things going on in our lives while getting good exercise!

Here's a photo of our class (sans Charissa). Soo, our instructor, is on the bottom left.

Jill searching for red-winged finches.

Charissa looking for blue lagaloons.

Here we are at our stop-n-snack area. There was a gorgeous pond behind us.

Some random photos to come later!!! We are off soon to the second leg of the triathalon: Flugtag. Catch you all later!

Update 10/22/06:

Here are a few more photos, as promised.

We got a little worried when they started following us... we couldn't find our way out of a picnic area, let alone a forest!

Another view of the pond from earlier.

A pretty little waterfall.

Stream crossing... we did this about four times. It's a lot easier with a walking stick.

Jill and Charissa

A view from the top!


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