Monday, December 04, 2006

Thoughts On [Not] Sleeping

Hmmm... a lot of things to think about.

1. To Steven. I mentioned in my previous post that I am on seizure medication. Thanks for the recommendation to take sleeping pills, but they are dangerous little boogers for someone who's seized. So no thank you... but thanks for reading.

2. To Anonymous Hyperthroid Person - My mom and sister have underactive thyroids which makes me a candidate for a thyroid problem, but my mom says I'm far too, ahem... curvey... to be hyperthyroid. Apparently one major sign is weight loss, and, well... I've got me some curves. Of course this isn't to say that I shouldn't see a doctor anyway. I'm overdue on a physical because I hate my GP. Anyone know a good doctor in Timonium? Please let me know.

3. I made catfish for the first time this evening. (This actually has nothing to do with my sleeping problem, but I did a decent job for my first try, I think. It's a little too salty, but tasty just the same.)

4. I am drinking a beer, and I may drink another. I know that a few of you said this won't help me sleep, but I worked in the distribution center again today from 3:30 to 6:00 PM, and all of that manual labor made me want beer. It's very CHEERS in my living room right now. Well... it is if Antonio is Sam, Elliott is Dr. Crane, and I am Cliff Claven.

5. I still have to go out and buy Calms Forte (Jessie's recommendation) and Rooibus Tea (Cathy's recommendation). I'm hoping for tomorrow on those, but I have other errands to run at lunch. We'll see.

Charissa Sleep Test #2
As for tonight, I am planning on the Wegman's version of SleepyTime tea, which is called DreamScape. I unwrapped the plastic around the box, and already it smells delicious. I'm also downloading "Island of Bows" by Carlos Nakai (Cherylann's recommendation). I heard a few clips, and I have high hopes. It sounds lovely. Wish me luck, my friends.


Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

Good luck getting a good night's sleep, Charissa!

December 04, 2006 10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you slept well tonight. I am up at 6:30am bc I can't sleep...I usually don't wake up until 8:30-9:00.

Also, I make really good catfish..sprinkle lemmon pepper seasoning on it..I use McCormick, and then I broil it and we love it that way. The lemon pepper adds a nice taste to it- counter acts the saltiness.

We're off to vacation tomorrow bright and early so have a good week and I'll talk to you when we return!
Love ya!!!!

December 05, 2006 6:33 AM  
Anonymous Jason J. Thomas said...

The one question I would ask is whether or not the sleeplessness is caused by a restless mind. Admittedly, I have glossed over your previous posts on the subject, but I tend to find that if one has a restless mind getting to sleep tends to be difficult. You have recently started a new job that has kept you busy, and I would wager a good part of your thoughts tend to stray to things work-related.

While going to sleep with a clear mind is a start, there is the problem of waking during sleep. It's one thing to wake while shifting in your sleep, but the key is getting back to sleep. I have little to suggest there.

Additionally, the other thing is to make sure you are getting your sleep. As we get older--and my age can attest to--you will want (and your body will demand) 8 hours of sleep.

Finally, the curvy comment has me snickering uncontrollably in the office.

December 05, 2006 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By curvy, you surely don't mean added weight. I hope you just mean hips and...stuff. :) I'm um, curvy, too, and I still had hyperthyroidism. I never had any drastic weight loss. I'm 5'3", and weighed 115, about average, but my thyroid was out of whack. Not everyone has the "classic symptoms," so it just might be worth looking into. Good luck.

My mom is overweight and has hypothyroidism, and I still had the hyper kind.

December 05, 2006 12:56 PM  

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