Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guilty On All Counts

Yep. Jury duty is over, and we found the defendant guilty on all counts. I was elected foreman at the beginning of deliberations, so I pretty much kept us all on task as much as possible, took votes and was the one to read the verdicts in court. It was a true and honest deliberation. The discussions were good and through the evidence and the guidance of the court we were able to make it to a unanimous decision. And better yet, we did it in a safe and relatively comfortable manner for all of the jurors. Sure we disagreed on many things, but we all respected each other's opinions and listened... and somehow managed to all come to the same conclusions at the end.

I am just exhausted from the stress. I'm completely comfortable with our decision, but it's admittedly unnerving returning guilty verdicts, even if they are valid. My heart was pounding outside of my chest the whole time, and by the time we were excused, I was emotionally spent. I've been in a bit of a fog all day, really... I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

Although speaking of relaxing, there will actually be very little. I am so behind at work that I'll be working all weekend to catch up. I'm actually going to log off now and get some stuff done tonight, but I wanted to let you all know how the jury duty went and how I am holding up.

Parking downtown for three days - $30
Tylenol and Pepto Bismol for stress - $20
Missing work for three days - a lot more dollars

The rewarding feeling you get from doing your civic duty - Priceless.


Anonymous pkelley said...

Yikes. I'm not a big fan of jury duty. I can't judge myself day to day, yet do it to someone else.

Take care.

February 01, 2007 9:35 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I'm glad you had a good jury duty experience... and now you can rest!

February 02, 2007 10:52 AM  
Blogger danielle said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend. Sounds like you had a great set of jurors. When I was a juror, I was so dismayed that most of the other jurors, instead of weighing the evidence presented, kept focusing on all of these outlandish hypothetical things that could have happened. Our defendant was probably guilty, but we returned a not guilty verdict. Only one person, a law student , felt strongly that he was guilty.

February 02, 2007 11:52 AM  
Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

What did he do? Tell! Tell!

February 02, 2007 8:13 PM  
Anonymous Claude said...

I have never, EVER even been called for jury duty, let alone served on a jury. And I hear all these stories about people trying to get out of it. I always thought it would be kind of an honor.

I'm glad it gave you a positive feeling in the end.

February 03, 2007 10:07 AM  

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