Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Musings

This episode should have been called "Holy Crap Where Has This Episode Been?" What a great show today.

First, good riddance to Dr. McSnotty, also known as Dr. Marlow. That character was just plain aggravating, and not in a charming way. I figure he was written in to soften Christina up (to the viewers and in the story), but how soft can they make her? The show doesn't need another emotional woman. So why, I wonder, because his presence only seemed to reinforce her feelings for Dr. Burke. Unless, of course the writers are planning something traumatic to split them apart. Maybe?

Second, that poor Eva. How is she not the missing girl? She looked just like her! Or a better question - how did the dad not know? You'd know, right? You'd know your own kid?

Her story is interesting because she's becoming a semi-permanent character. I'm not saying that she'll be staying around or anything, but she's definitely becoming a fixture on the show. It would have felt odd and abrupt if her story would have ended today. So... short of another family appearing and taking her home, how else can they proceed? Personally I'm not convinced that she is any sort of love interest for Alex, but yet there's a bond or understanding between them, isn't there? It feels like this may be another learning experience for him... much like the breakthrough we saw when he started enjoying obstetrics.

Maybe he will fall for her. You think? Or, or... maybe she'll take off after the baby is born, and he'll adopt the baby? Wouldn't that be crazy...

Lastly, Izzie and George. Oh me, oh my. What is is about them that makes you root for them? It was just a few months ago that Izzie told George that he married the wrong person, and at the time she was referring to Meredith. What a twist that they've become a couple that we/I can imagine together. It's an odd match - for the same reason that George told Callie a few weeks back: Izzie's gorgeous. And George is, well... such a (wait for it) nice guy. But the wheels are in motion. Drinks have been drunk, sex has been had, and emotions are out on the table. He's lied to Callie now and she knows it. There's no turning back.

This show is amazing. I can't wait for next week.


Blogger cherylann said...

no kidding! this week rocked. october road was really good too... do you watch that?

April 20, 2007 12:53 AM  

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