Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The "30" Project #3

I'm a performer. I love the theatre.

Way back when, I used to perform in school plays and community theatre. I was in three musicals in high school - Anything Goes! (Chorus), The Sound of Music (Brigitta), and Oliver! (Oliver). In addition to that, I did local theatre like Annie (chorus), Snow White (Dinky AKA Sleepy), and a murder mystery about a gizillion times over and over: The Great High School Whodunit (Becky). Alas, I never played the ingenue, and my biggest role was that of a 13 year old boy in Oliver!, as Oliver. Years later in my twenties, I assistant staged managed Oliver! at a community theatre under my sister who was the real stage manager. I must admit that even though I love performing, stage managing was insanely fun given how bossy I am. Throughout school I did a whole bunch of vocal performance, too. I was in Concert Choir, Madrigals, and the Notables Show Choir, and I went to vocal competitions at the solo and group levels (and won!).

There's just something about performing. No matter how many times I've done it, my stomach gets queasy and I get nervous every time I sing or act - I can't help it. But once I'm into the scene or I start singing, my heart soars. There's just nothing like being on stage.

I was able to find some photos from Annie. I was a senior in high school here and the play was at a local community theatre. In this first photo, I am the girl sitting in blue. I had a red wig, and I was one of the Boylan sisters.

This is from the song "NYC." I'm the girl on the far right with the suitcase. I had a pretty decent solo in this song... "NYC, Just got here this morning. Three bucks, two bags, one me...."

This is a cast photo. It's probably too small to tell, but I am smack in the center in a maid's dress and pointy maid's hat. I miss the theatre.


Blogger Missy B said...

I was back stage for all of the HS ones. It was a lot of fun. I found all the board pics from "Sound of Music" while finding my "30" Project pics.

June 13, 2007 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Nostalgia :) Just as cute then as now.
Love, Dad

June 14, 2007 3:26 PM  
Blogger jwer said...

I was in Oliver! my freshman year, before I grew a foot over the summer... while it was fun, I am extremely thankful that there exists no photographic proof (although there are still videos somewhere in the world; note to self: track these down before running for President).

June 16, 2007 3:09 PM  

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