Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Baltimore Honfest 2007

Dang, it was hot again this year. Last year was cool, but 2005 was a hot year - very "my back is sweating" kind of hot. (Is that gross?)

So Jodi and I were slow movers this morning after wine, beers and pineapple kixx (two points if you know what those are) Friday night. We grabbed food before we headed to Hampden, and only arrived at Honfest at 3:30 or so. We met Danielle, Angie, and Kelly there, and despite my strong desire to spend tons and tons of money, I bought nothing but a cold beer and a book. (Hmmmm....)

Everywhere we went we kept running into this pair of mature ladies dressed to the HILT in hon-wear. We saw them EVERYWHERE. Here's a snapshot of them, and I believe it far outdoes the hons that I saw last year.

Here's another candid shot courtesy of Jodeez skillz... it's almost 'journalistic' in nature, yes?

I also saw a lot of dogs this year, so much so that Jodi finally realized that I am a crazy dog lady, because I had to stop and pet most of them. (Or as Jodi recalls, "You not only stopped and petted them, BUT you asked them all to kiss you." I guess she has a point.) No photos here... which is rather unfortunate.

So here's a group photo of the girls after our first loop around the 'fest. We look so fresh and lively (Jodi says that sounds like a kind of cottage cheese). Notice how we are oh-so-randomly aligned? It was not on purpose... swear.

And here's my personal favorite group photo. After a few loops around in 80+ degree heat, we couldn't help but kick up our feet for a few on a shady porch.


Blogger Angie said...

Yesterday was fun...I hate those pics...I didn't realize how much weight I'd to focus.

June 10, 2007 10:18 AM  
Blogger cherylann said...

What exactly is a "hon", and why do they deserve a festival?

June 10, 2007 5:04 PM  
Blogger John said...

I tried to define it once. It's a spunky woman with a beehive hairdo and 60's clothing, from Baltimore. Kind of like Baltimore's version of the Sweet Potato Queens from the Deep South. In my opinion, they don't necessarily deserve their own festival, but it can be fun. It's just a celebration of one aspect of our "Bawlamoronicness" (I don't mean that word in a mean way).

June 11, 2007 10:09 PM  

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