Friday, July 13, 2007

** Fantasy Big Brother 8 Draft **

Okay, Richie and I talked at my birthday party, and we are definitely re-instituting the Fantasy Big Brother 8 Draft. For those of you who weren't reading last year, we drafted houseguests after a few weeks of watching the show, and whoever had the winning houseguest at the end of the season won $50 from the other.

This year we want to open the game up to a few more players - ideally five or six. We already have interest from Sandy (you all don't know her - she's Richie's girlfriend), and we are looking for up to three more participants. Check out the rules (written by Richie, but edited by Charissa):

Official Fantasy Big Brother 8 Draft Rules:
1) Either 5 or 6 can play with a $50 entry fee.
2) The draft begins after we've identified all 6 players.
3) Draft order will be determined randomly.
4) Whoever drafts 1st also drafts 10th, 2nd drafts 9th, 3rd drafts 8th, 4th drafts 7th, and 5th gets two picks in a row, also picking at 6. This is called a snake draft.
5) Only two players will be drafted per player.
6) After the first post-draft eviction, the person who owned the evicted player gets to choose an undrafted player. If we have only 5 people in the fantasy league, this will also be the case after the two following evictions, until all unclaimed players are claimed.
7) Last one standing takes all of the cash.
8) Trading is allowed. Charissa must be emailed by both sides to confirm the trade, and she will post it on her blog. Charissa's blog is the authoritative league page (Fantasy BB logos will be immediately accepted for review and approval).
9) Any disputes (We can't imagine there will be any, but who knows what weird twists the BB producers may throw into the show) will be settled by majority vote. In case of a tie, Charissa will flip a coin.

So here we go - first three responders who can agree to the rules above are in for the draft. Ongoing Fantasy Big Brother results will be posted on my blog, so liking me and trusting me to be "fair and balanced" is probably required of you as well.

So... who's in? :)


Blogger Jodi said...

just curious who got booted off last night?... I'm thinking of downloading the show to my ipod if its available. Thanks for introducing me, but I think it would be unwise for me to join the draft considering I'm new to the show...

July 13, 2007 7:51 PM  
Blogger jpb2525 said...

Am interested. 50.00? guess I am gonna have to sell something. I think my friend john might be interested too....check out his blog (his are frigging awesome - and he made it into a magazine!?)

Talk to you soon!

July 13, 2007 11:27 PM  

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