Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Brother 8 - The Thursday Eviction

And like that, I am down to two Fantasy Big Brother players. Damn. It's not that I didn't know on Tuesday that I was going to lose a player, but it stinks. The game is a-changin', and I am not as comfortable with my picks as I was a few weeks ago. Current standings:

Sandi's Team

Charissa's Team

Richie's Team

I really hate it when Big Brother runs an HOH competition over the end of the hour. It is so frustrating. It's not like I won't tune in Sunday, so I'm not sure why they do it. Maybe they are trying to get viewers to subscribe to the live feed? Dunno. But this HOH looked pretty dumb. Right before the end of the show when they showed the houseguests running back and forth from the teapot to the bowl, you could hear one of the producers telling them to be careful. What fun is that? I'd rather be blissfully unaware that they receive warnings. I want to pretend that every activity is fraught with danger. I want to think that the strain of being in the house is unbearable. That's so much better.

I remember the first season when they houseguests really started going coo-coo because they had been without human contact for so long. Do you remember? How about when Brittany made "friends" with the cameraman? And the cameraman would shake the camera back and forth "no" or nod "yes" to her? I miss those days. They didn't even have a clock in that first season. They were given the tools to make a potato-powered clock instead.

I don't know. I want more drama and less down time. 25% of the recorded video is of houseguests laying around contemplating. Not that I want a replay or season two when Justin pulled a knife, but c'mon people. What do you all do all day?


Blogger cherylann said...

C, sometimes on youtube you can find out what happened in real time... some people post it. Like, I knew about Eric having POV and his and Jessica's kiss 2 days before the veto competition aired. Maybe that will help, but I totally agree with you. I think Eric screwed himself and Jess by not using the veto to put Dick or Daniele up, but that's just my opinion.

August 31, 2007 11:08 AM  
Blogger cherylann said...

Okay, I totally found out who won... if you want to know, drop me a line.

August 31, 2007 11:11 AM  

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