Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Another Sunday

Hmmm... so I have to clean today (it's Sunday, right?), but I want fun, too. So I will have two lists and complete them both. The first is my cleaning list, and the second is my fun list.

Cleaning To Do List:
1. Launder sheets (Did I mention I'm getting a new washer and dryer tomorrow? Yay!) - done
2. Clean cat box - done
3. Vacuum - done
4. Swiffer - done
5. Dust - done
6. De-fur everything (thanks, Lelli) - done
7. Put laundry away - done
8. Collect trash - done
9. Choose outfit for tomorrow (A coworker is picking me up at 7:30 tomorrow so that I don't have to rent a car. I need to be on time.)
10. Make lunch food - done
11. Transfer photos from laptop to desktop - done
12. Launder blankets - done
13. Launder curtains - done
14. Collect Goodwill bag - done

Fun To Do List:
1. Win King's Quest II (Did I mention I won King's Quest I yesterday? Yay!) - started
2. Watch V: The Final Battle (I've had these for far too long.) - done
3. Continue reading Pillars of the Earth (I'm only on page 98. I'd like to get through 100 pages today.)


Blogger cherylann said...

I only have 200 pages left in the sequel. I just have to say... I heart Tom Builder!

January 20, 2008 7:42 PM  

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