Sunday, January 20, 2008

The White Party

Well, I'm officially a shut-in. For those of you that weren't raised in church, a shut-in is one of those elderly church members who don't make it in on Sundays. The pastor usually visits them during the week and people bring them food - all because they are too old or too ill to leave home. I sort of feel like that.

What's funny is that on a regular weekend I may not go out a lot anyway, but not having the option to go out is a bit frustrating. Last night, my friend came and took me to the White Party, because unless I had a ride, I wasn't going anywhere.

It was a theme party thrown by a friend of my friends, and we all wore white. The food was white, the drinks were white - white, white, white. (Just for the sake of clarity, there were all kinds and shades of people there - the theme was color only. I'm hoping for a RED party next time...) I am not one of those girls with white pants and white shoes, so jeans were allowed - thank God. Here's Katie, Ken and me in our all of our white-ness.


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